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What percentage and types of scholarships are offered to student-athletes in Universities around the US?

Each university and division manages its budget differently. Scholarships can be a combination of academic and athletic. Most of the time the scholarships are partial, but still most cover more than 75% of the total cost.

In addition to the ARROW ATHLETIC GROUP placement fee, what other expenses are unavoidable fir Intl Student-Athletes?

The following are expenses associated with entering a university:

- American Visa Expenses

- Academic Records translations

- University Application

- TOEFL Exam

- SAT Exam

- Medical Insurance

- Travel expenses

- Clearing House (NAIA, NCAA)

How long does a scholarship last?

Scholarships are guaranteed for each academic year. They can go up or down depending on academic and athletic performance. Other times they remain the same through the years.

How can the student-athlete's family help in the process of joining a University abroad?

ARROW ATHLETIC GROUP strongly believes this is a group effort.  Including a responsible adult  in the process is very important as they help keep the student-athlete focused and engaged through the journey. There could be so many moving parts that having a support system has proven to be paramount.  

What does the ARROW ATHLETIC GROUP process consists of. What makes it different?

We connect the student-athlete with a wide network of University coaches and counsel on the proper production of a highlight video. We advise on the steps required to be admitted to the University, evaluate the scholarships offered with the family and accompany the athlete in video interviews in case translation is needed. 

How strong should my English be?

It is recommended that the athlete be able to have a sufficient level to be able to take classes completely in English without affecting their academic performance. Each University has its minimum requirement. The TOEFL is typically required to measure this level and the score limits will be determined by the University.

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