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Join our Mentorship Program to AMP up your performance.

 Athlete Mentorship Program (AMP)

The Athlete Mentorship Program (AMP) aims to provide comprehensive support to college athletes throughout their years of competing for their college teams. Through mentorship, guidance, and resources, AMP empowers student-athletes to excel not only in their sport but also in various aspects of their personal and academic lives.

Program Components:

1. Student-athletes and parents will be provided with expertise in one or more areas of mental performance, nutrition, communication, physical performance, playing time management, and handling the challenges of being away from home.

2. Monthly Newsletter. 

3. Monthly Live Webinar with experts on the fields below: 

4. One-on-One meetings available for Premium Coaching support. Discuss progress, address challenges, and provide guidance on goal setting and achievement.

5. Join our WhatsAPP group for weekly tips and upcoming events. 

Check out the items below that we will look to cover over the course of the year. 

If you are interested in more information and how to join, message us so we can help you on your exciting new journey!!!

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