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...NEW program for Sport Clubs serving aspiring College Athletes...

ARROW Club Program

This Program is designed to support all club-affiliated athletes and their families throughout the college athletics recruiting journey. Recognizing the immense responsibility that club directors face daily and the significant time commitment this collage process entails, we take over the college placement aspect, allowing directors to focus on other crucial areas.

ARROW Athletic Group is excited to introduce this innovative program, tailored specifically for high school athletes aspiring to play collegiate sports. This comprehensive initiative is designed to equip athletes with the essential skills, knowledge, and opportunities they need to excel at the collegiate level.

Program Highlights

Customizable Yearly In-Person or Virtual Group Meetings...

We offer yearly in-person or virtual group meetings tailored to your club's specific needs. You can choose the frequency and target audience to better serve your market. These engaging sessions will cover general recruitment standards and the processes necessary for success in college placement.

ARROW Highlight Video...

Special pricing for a professional and recruitment specific Highlight video for your Club members! 

ARROW Online profile...

Club members will have their own personal profiles on our ARROW Platform, providing an exciting extra layer of exposure to college coaches. This exclusive feature enhances visibility and opens up more opportunities for athletes to connect with college programs. Get ready to stand out and shine on your journey to collegiate sports! 

Special Club member rates...

Pass on unique rates to your club members for our full placement service as part of the partnership.  We guide your athlete from beginning to end in their process.  Using our network and expertise to provide them the best exposure and options. 




Each Class Year will have their unique topics we will focus on such as :

  • ACADEMIC Progress and requirements

  • NCAA / NAIA / JUCO awareness

  • Sport Specific tasks

College Campus





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